The Ultimate Guide for Best Longboard Wheels for Cruising

If you want to have a great experience with your longboard, you need to ensure that your board is at its best. An easier way to do that is to buy the best longboard wheels for cruising and simply enjoy the glide. But what are the best longboard wheels for cruising? In this post, I’ll give you the best of the best models. I have rounded up the top five longboard wheels for cruising.

Before wrapping up my list, I took my time to go through user reviews, bestselling models, and customer ratings. While I also tested some. In addition to my reviews.  I have included a simple buying guide and vital additional information.

Take a look!

Shark Wheel 70 mm 78a Longboard Wheels

The first best longboard wheels for cruising that we will look at are the Shark Wheel 70 mm 78a Longboard Wheels. Well, I have tried out these wheels before, and they left me with a memorable downhill ride. The wheels are very reliable, efficient, and come with some of the coolest features. But what gives them that unique touch?


First, this set of wheels come with some cool colors. While the model here is yellow in color, it comes with other awesome colors that you can choose from too. That’s why this set of wheels appeals to so many riders today. You can also join them and step out in a color of your choice.

70 MM Diameter

More importantly, these wheels are also wide enough. They measure exactly 70 MM in diameter and, as such, will leave you with enough spacing between your board’s bottom deck and the ground. This is how smooth rides are carved out of your longboard. You will also prevent any damage to the board’s underside.

78 A Durometer

The durometer of a longboard wheel means the softness or the hardness of the wheels. A lower rating means a harder wheel, with less surface grip and more speed. A higher rating on the other side means a softer longboard wheel with more grip and controlled speed. The ratings can stem from 78A to 90+A, which makes this model a great option for more speed.

Wave Design

While it offers less friction and more speed, the wheels also come with a patterned wavy design. This design allows the wheel to stand up to any type of element, including pebbles and hard pavements when at high speed.

So, no matter the type of riding style that you need, the Shark Wheel 70 mm 78a Longboard Wheels will leave you with awesome riding experience. Thanks to its side winging technology.

Urethane Technology

More importantly, this model is also designed using the urethane formula. This gives the wheels one of the best performance rates. It leaves the wheels with a smooth, plush, and even grippy touch with a buttery-smooth-like slide.

Strong Core

Finally, this model also comes with a stronger core. This core is ideal at leaving you with better support. That’s why this set of wheels are some of the best at supporting your weight.


  • 70 MM Diameter
  • 78 A Durometer
  • Wave Design
  • Urethane Technology


  • Pack of 4
  • Cool colors.
  • Enough spacing
  • More grip
  • Controlled speed


  • May gather dust

Orangatang Stimulus 70 mm Freeride Longboard Wheels

The name suggests it all. This is a freeride wheel technology. The Orangatang Stimulus 70 mm Freeride Longboard Wheels are, therefore, one of the best for any person who intends to enjoy the fastest cruising speeds.

But what makes these wheels an awesome addition to the top-rated designs? Here are the best features that these wheels come with.

70 MM Diameter

The wheels come with a 70 mm diameter. This is a wide diameter that allows the wheels to ride smoothly over any type of terrain without ever experiencing any type of bump along the terrains.

Wide Range Durometer

Depending on the cruising speed that you need, this set of wheels will give you exactly that. Thanks to the wide range of wheel durometers that it comes with.

The wheel comes with four different types of durometers, including 77A, 80A, 83A, and 86A. And like I mentioned above, skateboard wheels will soften up in line with the more the rating climbs.

Therefore, the 77A is a better version for anyone who requires these wheels for the fastest speeds on any terrain.

Wide Contact Path

Apart from that, these wheels also come with about 49 mm width. However, it is the wide contact path that makes them the best. With a wider surface contact, you will enjoy better stability even while riding on a higher speed.

There is an overall and better grip, zero slippage, and, more importantly, a safe bet when it comes to these wheels.

Stiff Rounded Lips

The presence of the stiff, rounded lips is another huge bonus. These types of lips give these wheels the perfect blend. It gives it the slight broken-in race wheel thrill and the drifter free-rider wheel.

Offset Bearing Seat

In addition to that, the wheels have an offset bearing seat. As such, the wheels are adept for taking tricks, commuting, sliding, and riding around corners. They will leave you with a smooth glide like no other.

Heat Resistant Urethane

To give you the best user experience, too, this model comes with a heat resistant urethane material. This is a great formula for wheels that won’t bulge to pressure and which come with high-strength core with a stiff design.

Suppose you are looking for perfect mid-sized longboard wheels that you can use for freestyle tricks, dancing, and possibly freeriding. Orangatang Stimulus 70 mm is the right set of wheels for you on any day.


  • 70 MM Diameter
  • Wide Contact Path
  • Stiff Rounded Lips
  • Offset Bearing Seat
  • Heat Resistant Urethane


  • Offers less friction
  • More speed
  • Patterned wavy design
  • Grippy
  • Buttery-smooth-like slide
  • Stronger core


  • It takes some time to fit

Orangatang in Heat 75 mm Longboard Cruising Wheels

The other best longboard wheels for cruising that works more or less like the one above is the Orangatang in Heat 75 mm Longboard Cruising Wheels.

These wheels are extremely versatile longboarding wheels. They are designed to provide maximum speed and additional grip. This is what makes it one of the best hard carving, pumping, and racing longboard wheels.

Take a look at its features.

75 MM Diameter

First, these wheels are perfectly sized. At 75mm, the diameter of these wheels is large enough to leave you with enough spacing under the deck and to give you plenty of speed and perfect roll over different terrains.


More importantly, the wheels are pretty much light in weight, and you’ll hardly notice any change in the weight of your board when you install them. They work well over different terrain and will leave you with light and quick touch for tricks and slides.

Thanks to the fast and balanced design that allows the in heats plow over rocks, sticks, cracks, and the roughest roads.

Sharp Square Lips

Unlike the model above that has rounded lips and the stone-ground contact patch for a smooth roll, this one gets maximum traction using its sharp, square lips that ensure that you get the best grip while at the same time sliding smoothly.

Rippled Urethane Pattern

Again, the rippled urethane pattern also provides you with the most progressive rebound when you are out riding. This, in its own way, will ensure that you get to enjoy the best user experience at any time.

Happy Thane Formula

One thing that I love these set of wheels for is the use of the original Orangatang urethane formula. This is a fast, smooth, plush, and grippy formula that ensures that you’ll get a buttery-smooth slide.

4 Durometers

Thankfully, these longboard wheels also come in four types of durometers that offer an extensive choice for your use. The four different durometers are 77a (blue), 80a (orange), 83a (purple), and 86a (yellow).

Strong Supportive Core

Finally, this model also comes with a strong and supportive core. The encapsulated core will maintain a smooth ride and will also support the lips of the wheels for excellent traction and the crisp slides.


  • 75 MM Diameter
  • Sharp Square Lips
  • Rippled Urethane Pattern
  • Happy Thane Formula
  • 4 Durometers


  • Wider surface contact
  • Zero slippage
  • Free-rider wheel
  • Won’t bulge to pressure
  • High-strength core
  • Freestyle tricks


  • Slightly pricey than the rest

Orangatang Caguama 85 mm Longboard Wheels

Next in line are the Orangatang Caguama 85 mm Longboard Wheels. These wheels are sensationally cool. They come in a great color scheme and are very stylish too.

As if that’s not enough, they enjoy a five-star rating in most of the online selling websites and has enjoyed the best user reviews for a long time.

So what makes this set of wheels a cool model too?

Big and Smooth Wheels

Designed to provide you with the maximum speed and comfort, the Orangatang Caguama 85 mm wheels are also the best if you are looking for a great longboard momentum.

Due to this design too, this longboard wheels come out as one of the very best models for commuting, carving, and for long-distance pushing.

85 MM Diameter

With an 85mm diameter, these longboard wheels are fast and comfortable.  The 85mm diameter is large and will roll easily over a wide range of terrains and eventually leave you with incredible speed and plows.

It is the same reason why these wheels remain very efficient when riding over cracks, pavements, sticks, rocks, and the roughest roads.

56 MM Contact Patch

Even better, this set of the best cruising wheels for longboards assumes a fundamentally functional design with its 56mm contact patch.

The contact patch surface skin will provide you with a confident grip and help you to maintain a great traction scheme and some of the fastest speeds too.

Subtly Rounded Edges

In addition to that, there are subtly rounded edges that also help these wheels to pass smoothly across some other tough spots such as pavement cracks. It is this smart design that also guarantees the best efficiency when using these models of longboard wheels.

Happy Thane Formula

Like any other top-rated- Orangatang longboard wheels, this one also comes with an original Orangatang urethane formula. As such, they are very fast, smooth, and plush. You will also enjoy a grippy touch that leaves you with the best thrill.

Three Durometers

As of now, these wheels are available in three different durometers that include the 77a (blue), 80a (orange), and 83a (purple). You can, therefore, have a wider range of choices when looking for the best thrill.


  • 85 MM Diameter
  • 56 MM Contact Patch
  • Subtly Rounded Edges
  • Happy Thane Formula
  • Three Durometers


  • Large, supportive core
  • Fully exposed 46mm core
  • Reduces weight
  • Provides quick acceleration
  • Compatible with electric skateboard


  • May feel bigger for some

Big Boy 70mm Blank Gel Color Pro Longboard Cruiser Wheels

Finally, for our best longboard wheels for cruising, we will look at the Big Boy 70mm longboard wheels. This set of wheels come with an equally great design that makes them one of the most revered models.

The Big Boy 70mm Blank Gel Color Pro Longboard Cruiser Wheels are, therefore, a great addition for a rider that yearns for the smoothest technology in a short period of time.

But what makes this set of longboard wheels to tick?

70 MM Diameter

First, this set of longboard wheels comes with a wider wheel diameter. The wheels come with a 70 mm diameter, which gives it a raised design and consequently, a smooth and faster ride over the toughest terrains.

Wider Contact Patch

Even better, these wheels also come with a wider contact patch. The contact patch size ensures that you get one of the best grips with the ground so that you can have a memorable ride. It provides you with a smooth plow over different surfaces too.

Light in Weight

Let me say that these wheels come in a pack of four. As a pack, they will hardly weight anything above 15 ounces. This means that when you add them to your longboard, you’ll hardly realize that they are there.

It makes this model an awesome option if you are looking for the best option to work with on any day.

Durable Core

More prominently, this is another model with a great core design. The wheels come with an exposed core with the deep “valley” shaped cross-section.

With this unique design, the wheels will easily reduce their weight while also providing you with good acceleration and, more importantly, lots of momentum.

High Compatibility

This core is also compatible with any type of electric skateboard. As such, this model can easily give you a faster and possibly smoother ride at any time.

Blank Gel Color

To give it a unique but at the same time stylish design, these longboard wheels offer the Blank Gel Color. The color is awesome if you want a design that rubs in well at any given time with your longboard.


  • 70 MM Diameter
  • 15 ounces
  • Deep “valley” shaped cross-section
  • Blank Gel Color


  • Durable core
  • Lightweight
  • Strong Supportive Core
  • Big and Smooth Wheels
  • Faster and smoother rides


  • Limited colors to choose from

Best Longboard Wheels for Cruising: The Buyer’s Guide

I know that you might not settle for any model that we have here. Maybe because the price is not favorable or simply because you need an even better model, if that’s the case, you can always go with these factors to land on the best longboard wheels for your use.


The first thing that you have to look at is the size of the wheel’s diameter. A wider diameter essentially points towards a better performing set of longboard wheels. A 70 mm wheel diameter will work much more efficiently than the 52 mm wheel diameter.

How so? Larger diameters will leave you with enough clearance under the board. As such, you will have an easy and smooth glide over pebbles, cracks, rocks, and even sticks.

Contact Patch

To cruise means to ride in high speed against all the odds. If this is the case, then getting a set of wheels that will leave you with enough grip is very important.

Make sure that you have a wide enough contact patch that will prevent you from sliding off the course of losing control easily. Go with a contact patch that’s very reliable, grippy, and safe.

Durable Core

More importantly, you should also look for a great core design. Longboard wheels that have tougher core will support more weight without ever bulging to the force.

Look for cores that come with an exposed design and which have a deep “valley” shape cross-section. With such a unique design, you will enjoy a reduced weight and an even better acceleration with lots of momentum.


The hardness or the softness of the wheel also determines how efficient it is for cruising under a longboard. A harder wheel will have less grip on the surface and, as such, leave you with fast acceleration.

A softer wheel, on the other hand, comes with more grip. It accelerates a little slower than the hard option but still enjoys the best grip while at top speed.


In addition to that, you should also pay closer attention to the edges of the wheels. Subtly rounded edges and rippled grooves will help these wheels to easily pass across some of the toughest spots, including pavement cracks.


Remember that to get the best ride means to have as low weight as possible around your feet. This means going with a board that’s light and, more importantly, even lighter components too.

Look for wheels that won’t add any form of weight to the setup. These types of wheels will guarantee faster speeds with better thrills too.


Again, the one thing that will make or break your desire to buy the best longboard wheels for cruising is the price.

If the price is right, then you can easily land your best longboard wheels in no time. However, you must pay attention to your budget to make sure that you don’t spend impulsively and that you get the best wheels too.

User Feedbacks

The feedbacks that the previous users give also play a key role in getting what you need. You must ensure that you look through the feedback to determine the type of experience to expect from your set of wheels.

Too much negative feedbacks will be an even better warning sign that was having to experience alone. So, pay closer attention to this feedback also.


Finally, look for a long-lasting wheel design for your longboard. A great pattern, coupled with high-level material, ensures that you get a long-lasting design that’s capable of performing at high levels and also at surpassing their intended lifespan.

This durable edge is very important. You will get a long-distance riding experience with a very efficient experience.

Additional Information

To give you an even better understanding, here are several other additional information that you should know when looking for your best longboard wheels for cruising. Take a look at what I have for you.

Getting the Most Out of Your Wheels

To get the most out of your longboarding wheels, you should make sure that you have assembled your longboard set up properly. In addition to that, you must also keep in mind to ride under the right types of surfaces.

If your longboard wheels cannot match the riding terrain, the best thing is to walk out and find an appropriate riding location.

Frequently Asked Questions

To some, it all up, I have included some of the most frequently asked questions. These questions will help you to understand how your longboard wheels will work.

What is the skateboard wheel durometer?

The wheel durometer is a term used to refer to the softness or the hardness of the longboard wheels. Harder wheels will have less grip on the surface. As such, they will accelerate faster. The softer wheels will come with more grip on the surface and therefore maximize control.

Wheel durometer is denoted using different numbers and the letter “A” next to the. The higher the rating, the softer the wheel. You might find them denoted as 77a, 80a, and 83a.

How Can I Take Proper Care of My Longboard Wheels?

There are several tricks that you can use to take proper care of your best longboard wheels. Some of the most vital ones include the following.

  • Cleaning dirt and mud out of your wheels
  • Assembling your wheels in the proper way
  • Following the manufacturer’s manual all through the way

Where Can I Buy My best longboard wheels for cruising?

I recommend that you buy any of your longboard accessories online. Online buying provides you with a wider variety of products to choose from. It also guarantees the most affordable prices due to direct sales and better offers. In addition to that, you will are delivered at your doorsteps – no hassle!

Why Should I Take Proper Care of My Longboard Wheels?

Taking proper care of your longboard wheels is very important. It allows your longboard wheels to perform smoothly and more efficiently. It also enables your longboard wheels to last longer too. You will have no bad experiences if your longboard wheels are taken proper care of.

What Surfaces Can I Ride My Longboard On?

If your longboard enjoys one of the best construction mechanisms, there are lots of surfaces that you can ride on. Such surfaces will include some of the following;

  • Riding over cracks
  • Rocks
  • Pavements
  • Sticks
  • Rough roads

With such efficiency, having some of the most memorable rides on your longboard won’t be a new thing at all.


Now that we have looked at the best longboard wheels for cruising, it is time to wrap up. Thankfully, we have enough information to help us in landing the best cruising wheels at any given time.

While this is true, there are a few key points that you must keep in mind. When choosing your best longboard wheels, the size of the wheels will play a great role.

The same applies to the size of the wheel’s contact patch. Make sure that your wheels ideally have enough grip on the surface to prevent any accidents.

When buying your best wheels, it is also important to consider the price and what other previous users say. Remember to read through a few feedbacks so that you can have the best experience with your wheels.

For a great experience with your set of wheels, you must assemble them properly with your longboard setup. You must also take proper care of them so that they don’t seize on you.

In this article, we’re including some great wheels for the best longboard wheels for cruising. You can match the specifications and choose your desired one easily.

Best of luck with your next big choice.

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