Best Tandem Kayaks: Choosing the Best Models for Great Ride

For kayakers that require the best tandem kayak for a large person, this post will come in handy. In this post, I have rounded up the top nine best tandem kayaks.

The kayaks that I have reviewed here are ideal for a large person. They are easy to work with and will leave you with a great experience too.

But why this post? Apart from reviewing the best tandem kayaks for large people, I have prepared a smart buying guide and several other need-to-know tips. Please take a look at what I have in store for you, starting with the top reviews.

Best Tandem Kayaks:Choosing the Best Models

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Intex Excursion Pro Kayak – Professional Series Inflatable Fishing Kayak

The Intex Excursion Pro Kayak comes first on our list. This is a professional series inflatable fishing kayak too. It is among the best tandem kayaks that you will find in the market today and comes with several features to go by.

Firstly, the kayak is made out of super tough laminate PVC. This laminate material is combined with a polyester core, which makes this kayak extremely durable.

If you want a kayak that gives you the best value for your money, this lightweight kayak is the best recommendation for you. Thanks to its awesome design, the kayak is highly resistant to damage too.

It is again resistant to abrasion and will easily withstand the heavy impact of UV sunlight rays. In addition to that, this is one of the best kayaks that will provide you with a high-pressure inflation touch.

This provides the kayak with extra rigidity and awesome stability. With its high-pressure valves, this kayak is easy to inflate and equally easy to deflate.

The kayak’s design includes two removable skews that you can use for deep and shallow waters. The skews are great if you want to have easy kayak control.


  • Inflatable Fishing Kayak
  • Super tough laminate PVC
  • Polyester core
  • High-pressure inflation
Best Tandem Kayak


  • Padded seat cushion
  • Adjustable backrest
  • Better support
  • Two quick-lock hatches
  • Bungee lacing


  • Low storage limit

Vanhunks Voyager Deluxe Kayak-12ft

With two floors mounted footrests, the 12 feet Vanhunks Voyager Deluxe Kayak 12ft is maybe the best tandem kayak for large person.

The kayak has two integrated recessed fishing rod holders and two adjustable bucket seats too. The seats like the ones for the above model are removable and easy to adjust. They come with a mounting bracket that you can easily use.

This voyager deluxe family kayak with a tandem is designed to provide you with enough room for two adults. You can bring a child or add your kayaking baggage.

Thanks to its high-end design that gives it a 5mm thick quality material for long-lasting durability. Vanhunks Voyager deluxe with a tandem because of this is UV resistant and highly resistant to the most demanding uses.

You can use this kayak with several other kayak accessories, including GPS systems, fish finders, and swivel fishing rod holders.

The 12 feet Vanhunks Voyager Deluxe Kayak has the ability to hold 550lb of weight. And thanks to its high impact resistance, this kayak is extremely durable.

You can use it for family and friends and find it easy to transport, move, or carry around due to its lightweight design (77-pound weight).


  • 12 feet
  • UV resistant
  • 550lb of weight
  • 77-pound weight
Best Tandem Kayak For Large Person


  • Easy to use
  • Good rod holding
  • Durable design
  • Large storage
  • Light in weight


  • No bright colors

Wilderness Systems Pamlico 135

The next best kayak with a tandem is the Wilderness Systems Pamlico 135. This kayak, like the ones that we have seen, is durable and offers some of the best features that you will find in a tandem kayak.

It is a Sit-Inside Recreational Kayak that you can use with a loved one whenever you like. The kayak has a two-person capacity, which makes it easy for a large person and a kid to ride on it too.

So what makes this kayak an awesome one? First, the kayak converts with a lot of ease if you want a solo use.

More importantly, the kayak features the best signature hulls with a round design. This type of hull is awesome when you need swift acceleration. The hull, therefore, helps you to paddle for a longer distance faster.

You won’t feel fatigued and will have easy control too. But that’s not all. The kayak again has the phase 3 AirPro seats.

These types of seats are fully adjustable. They provide the best ergonomic seating and comes with ventilated mesh.

The mesh is designed to keep you cooler and to maximize the moisture-wicking capacity on a hot summer day. Again, there is the thigh and knee padding. These two will combine for comfortable support and will help you to enjoy optimal boat control.


  • Large, padded footrests
  • Boat weight: 72 lbs.
  • Locking lever
  • Dry storage hatch
  • Max limit: 500 lbs.
best tandem kayak for large person


  • Large weight support
  • More comfort
  • Easy to adjust the seat
  • Accommodates different heights
  • Stern bulkhead foam


  • No I-beams

Pelican Tandem Recreational Kayak

If you want the best tandem kayak that a large person can use easily, the best choice to go with is the Pelican Tandem Recreational Kayak.

This kayak with a River Gorge 130X Tandem is affordable. It measures 13 feet in length. The longer design makes it easy to control. It helps the kayak to displace more water and to remain stable.

More importantly, the kayak is a lightweight kayak. It is easy to carry around and comes with two retractable handles for the same purpose.

Again, the kayak will comfortably accommodate two kayakers with a pet. It is easy to use with different accessories and includes some comfy padded seats.

The seats have a cushion and will leave you with an adjustable and cushioned backrest for better support.

With its River Gorge 130X Tandem, this sit-on-top kayak is one of the most reliable models. It has an open cockpit that makes it the best tandem kayak for large person.

Buy this kayak today and enjoy the two ERGOFIT seating systems, which include the padded seat cushioning.

You can use two quick-lock hatches for easy storage of your kayaking accessories. The hatches are set at the back and are easy to access.

This is one of the kayaks that you will find it easy to control and great for tracking when at maximum weight.


  • Maximum limit of 500 lb. / 227 kg
  • Molded footrests for comfort
  • Four accessory eyelets
  • Twin-arched Multi-Chine hull
Best Tandem Kayak Review


  • Reliable stability
  • Great tracking
  • Safe storage for paddles
  • Easy to attach optional gear


  • Nos skeg

Intex Explorer K2 Kayak, 2-Person Inflatable Kayak

This kayak is set with aluminum oars and high output air pump, which shows how reliable the model is. The kayak provides a higher performance and makes it easy for you to enjoy your rides.

With a weight support limit of about 400 pounds, this kayak is best for large people. It can carry two people easily and will allow you to enjoy some of the best recreational kayaking rides always.

More importantly, this kayak has a padded seat. The kayak seats are adjustable, and you will find them very comfortable. You can move them forward or backward until you get the perfect fit design.

One more thing that you will love is this. These kayak seats are inflatable and come with a padded backrest for better support and more comfort.

But again, the cockpit is highly spacious. It is designed to allow for easy movement and quick response when controlling the kayak.

Use this kayak for two people and enjoy one of the best directional stability too. The kayak is fitted with removable SKEG, which will offer you the best control on any water body.

There is increased visibility, too, since the kayak is bright in color with a yellow touch. The K2 is, however, made for smaller bodies.


  • Max Weight: 400 Pounds
  • Removable SKEG
  • Bright Yellow Color
  • For Smaller Bodies
Tandem Kayak Review


  • Comfortable
  • Adjustable seats
  • Inflatable design
  • Large cockpit
  • More comfort and space
  • Longer dimensions


  • Shallow hulls

Intex Challenger Kayak Series

One more kayak that you can use for large people and which comes with a tandem is the Intex Challenger Kayak Series.

Simple as it sounds, this is one of the most reliable tandem kayaks that you will find today. It is affordable, and I believe among the lightest tandem kayaks too.

The Kayak is generally sporty in design and fun to use. Apart from that, this best tandem kayak is highly affordable and will come with a streamlined design that provides you with an easy paddling experience.

Thanks to its bright green color and additional sporty graphics, this kayak is highly visible when in the water. It is safe and will help you to avoid water collisions with the other water vessels at any time.

One thing that I love this kayak for is the additional accessories that it comes with. Upon buying the Intex Challenger Kayak Series, you will get two 86 inch aluminum paddles with a high output pump.

These two accessories make it easy for you to paddle the kayak, and you will get the best inflation and deflation too.

Luckily for you, you won’t have to worry about the wear and tear as this kayak is designed with a rugged and super tough vinyl.


  • Bright green color
  • Sporty graphics
  • Rugged, super-tough vinyl
  • Puncture and UV resistant
  • 400-pound weight limit
Best Tandem Kayak


  • Highly visible
  • Sporty and fun
  • Streamlined design
  • Easy paddling
  • Easy inflation and deflation
  • Long term durability


  • Limited hues

OC Paddle Ocean Tandem Kayak (HRH-KYT-1006)

The next best tandem kayak that I want us to look at is the OC Paddle Ocean Tandem Kayak (HRH-KYT-1006).

While some kayaks will come with complicated designs, this kayak is one of the simplest that you will find. It is easy to learn and will provide any kayaker with some of the most memorable experiences.

With a bright orange color, this kayak is easy to spot. It is visible and will minimize any chances of water accidents.

In addition to that, the tandem kayak has a weight limit of about 425 pounds. It can easily support two people and will remain ideal for those who would love family kayaking.

Apart from its maximum weight limit, this kayak is perfect for longer rides. Thanks to its three seating position. You can adjust the seats to meet your needs and to leave you with the best comfort too.

The seat can be used for bow, stern, and middle seating when you are out paddling solo or on a tandem.

More importantly, the kayak has three molded-in seat wells with gear straps that you will find ideal when you have some kayaking gears.

Use the kayak and enjoy the molded-in handles and the best skid plate design apart from what I have given you above.


  • Max weight limit: 375-425 lbs.
  • Length-12′
  • Width-34 inch
  • 2 comfort plus seats
Tandem Kayak For Large Person


  • Three seating position
  • Best for paddling solo, tandem
  • Three molded-in seat wells
  • Additional gear straps
  • Two gel seats


  • Repair patch kit included

Wilderness Systems Tarpon 135 Tandem Kayak

Personally, my best kayak with a tandem is the Wilderness Systems Tarpon 135 kayak. This is a sit-on-top tandem kayak that is designed to provide the best fishing experience.

The kayak is easy to use and has one of the most accessible storage hatchets. With a premium build, this kayak has been used by so many anglers for both shallow and deep water fishing experiences.

The kayak sits at 13′ 6″ and is best for two riders. You can bring in a pet too. But what other features make this kayak to stand out?

Apart from providing you with a fast and nimble tandem paddling, this kayak has one of the best stability.

Each paddler again gets a fully adjustable and premium seating touch with foot braces for the best custom fit.

This feature-rich kayak is orange in color and remains highly visible when in water. It has the best dual dry storage hatches with a spacious design for the easiest movement.

Get this kayak today and enjoy multiple accessories, including cup holders and the two SlideTrax accessory tracks.

This is the best kayak if you have lots of things to carry, including coolers, PFDs, and other fishing accessories.


  • Dual dry storage hatches
  • Boat length: 13′ 6″
  • Boat weight: 88 lbs.
  • Foot braces
Best Tandem Kayak


  • Fast and nimble tandem
  • Quick paddling experience
  • High-end stability
  • Fully adjustable seat


  • No repair kits

OC Paddle Ocean Tandem Kayak

Finally, for our best tandem kayak reviews, we have the OC Paddle Ocean Tandem Kayak. Like the other top-rated tandem kayaks that we have seen, this is equally very reliable. It is durable and easy to use.

Like the sister above, this kayak is brightly colored and easy to spot. The bright blue color in the middle gives the kayak a perfect touch.

More importantly, the kayak comes with a weight limit of about 425 lbs. This means that the kayak is ideal for two people with a pet or a kid.

Sitting at about 12′ feet in length, this kayak is best for long-distance recreational kayaking too. It has an overlapping footrest technology, which leaves you with smoother rides.

The kayak again allows a center seated paddler enjoys the best paddling experience as it offers the best foot bracing and side carry handles.

Fitted with molded-in handles carrying this kayak is easy. You can move it into the water quickly and again pack it up just as fast after use.

The kayak offers a three-seating position, too, which includes the bow, stern, and middle seating position for quick paddling when going solo or on a tandem.


  • 375-425 lbs. weight limit
  • Length-12′
  • Width-34 inch
  • Overlapping foot pedals
Best Tandem Kayak


  • Comfortable foot bracing
  • Side carry handles
  • 2 comfort plus seats
  • Molded-in handles
  • Three seating position


  • May puncture on poor storage

Best Tandem Kayak: Smart Buying Guide

I will keep it simple. Now that we have seen the best tandem kayak reviews, how do you know what is right for you? Here is a smart guide that you can use to find out if the tandem kayak that you have chosen meets your needs.


The first thing that you should look at is the price of the tandem kayak. For large person tandem kayaks, the price should be right. It should be a price that you can afford easily and one that won’t break your coffers.

To be on the safe side, you should have a budget. Make sure that you’ve set aside the money that you are comfortable spending on your kayak. Once you have this, you can shop around this budget to get your best kayak with a tandem.


The next thing that most people should look at when buying a kayak, irrespective of the design, use, or model, is the portability. It is very important that you get a kayak that you can move easily.

This should be a kayak that you can easily carry, transport, or move. Such a kayak will make your work easy. It will help you to go on kayaking trips without spending so much on transportation too.

Look for a model that has the following features:

  • Inbuilt handlers
  • Carry in bags
  • Light in weight design

Storage Space

For kayakers, having your best kayaking gear whenever you are out is very important. Some of the gears that you should have include:

  • Personal floating device
  • Swimsuit
  • Watertight shoes

However, with the amount of activities that you will be involved in when kayaking, including paddling and pedaling, carrying these accessories might prove much of a problem.

Take your time to get a kayak with enough storage space. Look for wet and dry storage hatchets. This is very important for an angler that uses a kayak.

Weight Limit

More importantly, knowing how much weight your kayak can support is again very important. This is what we call the weight limit of a kayak. The weight limit shows you whether the kayak will support your weight and the weight of your partner.

Make sure that the weight limit is able to do that. If it cannot, you shouldn’t use the kayak since it can easily puncture, sink, or leak. Too much weight on a lower weight limit will put a strain on the kayak and easily cause damages.

Material of Design

The best material for a kayak is one that lasts longer. The durable material will make the kayak reliable and, more importantly, safe for use. It is a great way for a kayak owner to enjoy the value of their money.

Again, durable material will easily handle the wear and tear of the rough waters. It easily withstands the harsh use and will ensure that you get the most memorable rides.

Look for some of the most long-lasting kayak materials. They include the following options that you can choose from.

  • High molecular PVC
  • Rugged vinyl
  • Tarpaulin
  • Polyester core
  • Carbon fiber
  • 3-ply super tough construction

User Feedback

The other thing that I often advise kayak buyers to look at when going for the best kayaks is user feedback. This applies even when buying the best tandem kayak for large person.

Looking at the feedback from previous users will give you a peek of what type of experience to expect when using the kayak.

The feedback from previous users will show you the shortcomings of the kayak that you are choosing or the strengths. In so doing, the feedback will help you to make an informed decision before buying your tandem.


In addition to what we have seen, kayak accessories have two roles to play. They make the use of a kayak easy and flexible. Next, they help you to cut costs when they come in the same package with a kayak.

Make sure that you choose a kayak that allows you to have some accessories in the same package. Some of the best accessories that you can look for include the following:

  • Aluminum oars
  • High-output pump
  • Kayak repair kit
  • GPS systems
  • Stainless steel D-rings

Best Tandem Kayak Large Person: Need-to-Know Tips

When looking for the best tandem kayaks, there is something that I would like you to know. You won’t stop at the buyer’s guide alone. Apart from the guide, there are several other factors that you have to remember.

How to Inflate a Chambered Kayak

One thing that most kayak owners out to learn is how to inflate their kayaks. In case you are using an inflatable kayak, learning how to pump the kayak is the biggest difference between damaging your kayak and keeping it safe. Here is how to pump your kayak safely.

Fill each kayak wall chamber to about 60 to 70%. This is important since if you fully inflate only one side chamber of your kayak, it will cause the material to warp immediately and consequently leak, burst, warp, or puncture.

How do you do that? First, open your kayak’s air valve and then insert your kayak’s pump hose to the open valve’s entry point.

You can then start pumping. However, if your kayak comes with an electric pump, you won’t have to pump it manually. Rather, you can just set up the pump and let it do the work.

NOTE: If you’ve been using your best tandem kayak for quite a while, you may not have a problem with setting up everything for your kayak to work smoothly. Once the kayaks chambers are pumped to 70%, you can top up to suit your desire.

Safety Tips for Pets in Kayaks

Apart from having your family in a kayak, you may want to bring your pet along. A dog is one of my favorite pets. If this is the case, it is important that you keep your dog as safe as you can. Here are some of the safety tips that you can practice.

First, teach your dog the common commands: Some commands such as sit, move, stop, lie is very important and will help you to restrain your dog.

Next practice with your dog outside the water: Before you take your dog into the water, it is important that you teach your dog kayak etiquettes before.

Have a protective device for your furry friend: One more thing that you must do is to have a personal floating device for your dog. It keeps them safe if they fall into the water.

Finally, ride your kayak around shallow water: This is important before your dog gets accustomed to kayaking. If you sense anxiety, this is a great way to build on their confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions

With that said, let us round up this post with some of the most common FAQs that kayakers ask before they get their best kayaks. These are simple questions that will shade more light on how to get the best tandem kayaks too.

What are the stainless steel D-rings used for in a kayak?

The stainless-steel D-rings are additional accessories that some kayaks may lack. Even so, they are used to tie bungee ropes. They are best when you want to secure your kayak.

More importantly, they can be used for holding dry and wet bags and for securing the paddlers. The choice of what you use them for will depend more on the type of need that you intend to address.

Where Should I Buy My Best Tandem Kayak for Large Person?

The best place that you can buy any type of kayak, including a tandem kayak, is online. These types of shops are easy to work with.

Why Should I Buy My Best Tandem Kayak Online?

Unlike regular buying spots, online buying has several advantages. You can easily get a wide range of products to choose from. The payment methods are again easy to work with. More importantly, you will get better price discounts and reliable doorstep deliveries.

Can I Boost the Performance of My Kayak?

Whether it is a tandem kayak or not, there are simple things that you can do to enhance the performance of your kayak. This way, you can get a better experience every day. Some of these things that you can do include the following ones.

  • Fitting your kayak with a GPS system
  • Including a fish finder in your kayak
  • Looking for better Skeg and Skews

What is the Work of a Skeg and Skew in a Kayak?

The Skeg and the Skew are both used to provide the kayak with directional stability. They assist in the smooth control of the kayak and will leave your kayak with a better performance too. You can get a removable skeg to provide you with easy operation.

Why Do Kayak Weight Limits Differ?

The reason why the weight limit of a kayak will differ is simple. Different kayaks are made by different manufacturers. This means the technologies used may be different. In addition to that, the density of the material used may again be different.


With that said, we can now say that choosing the best tandem kayak for your needs shouldn’t be much of an issue. In fact, now that you have read through these top-rated reviews, the process should be very easy.

Just follow the smart buying guide and make an informed choice. You can again choose the best model that you have seen and follow through to see if it suits your needs. The most important thing is to make a move.

More importantly, you should learn how to take proper care of your kayak. Start by washing the kayak, following the user manual, watching its weight limit, and using it for the intended purpose. By doing that, you will have the best experience with your kayak.

One thing that I have always stressed is for new kayakers to learn their kayaks first before they can choose to use them. It helps you to handle the kayak well and to have an awesome experience all together.

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