Is it possible to How To Make A 50cc Scooter Faster For Free? 2021

Do you own a 50cc scooter, and do you know how to make a 50cc scooter faster for free? If you do, then you understand the benefits of having this machine in your hands. This machine is easy to learn and will give you one of the most incredible experiences if you’ve got several errands to run.

From getting groceries, commuting to work, or having a series of recreational rides, a 50cc scooter is a bomb. While this is true, the only concern that most 50cc scooter users have is the need for more speed. Most 50cc scooter models have a restricted engine.

This type of engine is designed in such a way that it limits the top speed that your 50cc scooter can achieve. As such, most 50cc scooters will hit the 30mph mark or simply an equivalent of 48kph.

So, can you make a 50cc scooter go faster than is recommended? Here is the good news, yes, you can make your 50cc scooter to achieve better speed limits. Your 50cc scooter can easily hit higher speeds of close to 60mph (96kph). The most regular models can again comfortably hit speeds of 40mph (65kph).

However, going for the 60mph mark with the normal 50cc engine without any tweaks will mean that you’re pushing your scooter so hard. If you insist on doing this, the engine will get damaged and wear out so fast.

So what’s the safest way to boost your 50cc scooter speed limit? In other words, how can I make my 50cc scooter faster? If you want to boost the speed limits of your 50cc scooter easily, I would suggest that you do so for free. To get this right, there are a few tips that you can work with. Please take a look at what I’ve got for you.

How to Make a 50cc Scooter Faster for Free

The safest and the best way when learning how to make a 50cc motorbike faster is to follow these free tips.

Tune the Carburetor

The first thing that you should if you are the best tip on how to make a 50cc scooter faster for free is simply to tune the bike’s carburetor. And what are the telltale signs that you need this? If you notice that your 50cc scooter often gets chocked whenever you are trying to accelerate it, this would mean you need a smart carburetor tuning.

In the most serious cases, this will manifest when your scooter dies at 2/3 revs when you try to accelerate. In addition to that, you may realize that your revs hardly go through the required full cycles too. This is especially true when you are trying to accelerate. If such is your experience, then you need a carburetor tuning.

But don’t worry. Several people have faced this before, and the best part is that you can easily fix it. Having your 50cc scooter carb tuned properly will help you to optimize the speed limit of your 50cc scooter and, in turn, leave you with better and smoother operation at any time.

Carburetor tuning is something that you can learn quickly too. This means that you can save lots of money by doing the fine-tuning alone.

Removing Your Fuel Filter

You must be aware too that removing your fuel filter will boost the efficiency of your scooter and, in so doing, allow your scooter to gain more speed. On normal occasions, the amount of fuel that your 50cc scooter engine enjoys is what determines the general speed and performance level of your scooter?

If you completely remove your scooter’s fuel filter, then there won’t be any barrier, and your scooter will get more fuel. A higher amount of fuel means more efficiency from the engine and, in turn, better speed limits too. This would be one of the simplest tips if you were worried about how to make a 50cc scooter faster for free. Apart from removing the fuel filter, you should ensure that your fuel filter is not blocked.

If the engine’s fuel filter is blocked, it means that your 50cc scooter will get less fuel. As such, its performance will be compromised, and slower speed limits will be the result.

NOTE: When you remove the fuel filter completely, you will enjoy the following benefits anytime.

  • No blockage
  • Higher speeds limits
  • Better engine performance

Zero blockages and more fuel mean better speed. So if you want to understand how to make a 50cc motorbike faster, choose this.

Advance the Timing

The other ideal thing to do if you want to make your 50cc scooter go faster is to advance the timing. You are advancing the scooter’s timing again, something that you can learn and, as such, save several dollars at the same time.

With proper timing advancement, you’d have helped your scooter engine to access fuel faster and earlier. In so doing, the scooter will perform much more efficiently while giving you greater speed limits. While advancing the scooter’s timing will allow you to gain more speed, you’ve got to learn the best way to do that. You can follow the professional DIY posts that we have.

Even so, here is what happens when you advance the timing of your scooter. Upon doing that, you’ll enable your scooter’s spark plugs to ignite the main incoming fuel earlier than normal quickly. This, in turn, helps your 50cc scooter engine to experience better fuel burning ability. Better fuel burning ability means more efficiency and reliable speeds.

NOTE: If you decide to advance the timing of your 50cc scooter so that you can enjoy more speed, then getting the engine’s main timer setting to the original factory setting won’t be easy at all.

Change Your Air Filter

Just like the fuel filter, changing the air filter will also help. Even though it may sound farfetched, this trick helps the 50cc motorbike to move faster or to gain more speed.

It is best for you if you are looking for a general boost in the speed limit of your 50cc scooter. For this process, you’ll have to remove your scooter’s existing air filter and then replace it with an air filter with a high-performance muffler.

This is often one of the simplest steps and a trick that can be pulled off by the novices too. It is less technical and only requires a screwdriver that you’ll use to remove the existing air filter before replacing it with the high-performance muffler.

Inducing a Turbo

Once again, you can induce a turbo. Most people find this hard to do since it is more technical. However, using the forced air induction technology won’t force you to break the bank. Like the other tips that I have mentioned above, the cost is readily affordable and won’t cause a dent in your pocket.

When you induce a turbo, you will drive more air and fuel into the main scooter’s engine. In doing so, your scooter will achieve better performance and high-end speed levels – which is the desire of every scooter owner.

Bonus Tip

If your bike has a 2-stroke engine, you can easily get more out of this engine, and it cost you any money. Here is what you do, don’t interfere with the carburetor of your bike, not even the air-box. Instead, check the variator and, in turn, pull off your scooter’s transmission cover.

Doing this allows you to access the front pulley quickly. Now check if there is a small washer between these two pulley’s faces and if you find one, then pull it out. This action makes the pulley faces move closer together, which results in a higher top speed limit. These are the best tips if you want to learn how to make a 50cc motorbike faster.


How can I make my 50cc scooter faster?

Like I have mentioned, you can remove the fuel filter, tune the carb, or advance the timer. If not, simply get a better-performing air filter.

What are the benefits of a faster scooter?

You will get more efficiency, beat tight deadlines, and, more importantly, enjoy better speed limits at any time.

Is it safe to boost the speed limit of your scooter?

Yes. So long as it is done in the right way, boosting the speed limits of your scooter will enable you to get the best rides safely.


For most riders, getting their 50cc scooter to the required speed limits can be a tough nut to crack. Even so, we have learnt some of the best ways of how to make a 50cc scooter faster for free.

This means that the process isn’t rocket science, after all. The only thing that you need to master is the art of doing it, and you will be good to do it. Get more power and even better speed by giving your scooter the right fine-tuning. It is easy and fast.

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