Kayak Bass Fishing in 2021: Top Tips for the Best Catch

If you want the best kayak fishing experience, own a kayak. With that said, one thing is clear. In the recent past, the kayak manufacturing technology and design that’s used on fishing kayaks have changed in a big way.

Even so, it important for you to find a kayak that’s rigged for the perfect fishing experience. Such a kayak will leave you with awesome potential and give you a memorable journey. This means that if you are looking at kayak bass fishing, the same rule should apply.

For bass fishing, the story doesn’t end there. To have an even more enjoyable experience, there are several things that you have to keep in mind. These are the tips that I will be highlighting in this post.

They are simply cool, easy to follow, and, more importantly, result-oriented. Here are the best kayak bass fishing tips that you should know.

Proper Kayak Selection

Like I had touched above, the number tip to have a great bass fishing experience is to get the correct type of kayak. If the kayak is built to meet the use, then the experience will be awesome. Here are some of the coolest features to look out for in a fishing kayak.

  • Elevated seat position
  • Comfortable seats
  • Multiple rod holders
  • Deck storage with bungee
  • Tie-down paddle holder
  • Enclosed fish storage compartment/ dry hatch
  • GPS/fishfinder and mount
  • Retractable pedaling power propeller

The reason why you need an elevated sitting position is to get a clear vision of where you are headed, where you are coming from, and the other areas around you. A great vision leads to some of the best castings.

The deck storage with bungee will, on the other hand, help you to keep your fishing items secure for easy access. They work efficiently with both the road holders and paddle holders to provide you with an awesome experience.

Right Lure Selection

Another very important factor to consider is lure selection. For bass fishing, the lure selection must be on point. To target the bass, you’ll need to put together the best tackle box. Your fishing toolbox should be equipped with the best lures that they can’t resist.

It is advisable to start with a handful of cool lures that’ll provide you with unique presentations and, in turn, allow you to access several water sections easily. Here some of the best bass fishing lures that you can go with.

  • Top-water lure along the water surface
  • Have a spinner or even crankbait for pulling across
  • Wormlike soft baits for the direct rig (for diving, jigging, and suspending)

It would help if you learned how to use these lures properly so that you get a smooth experience when you want to set them out.

Set Up the Fishing Rod

When it comes to kayak bass fishing, one thing is for sure; it’s quite hard figuring out what the bass is out for every day. That’s why you need to make a clinical choice. So which choice is that?

Well, instead of wasting time changing your lures back and forth, you can have a couple of rods rigged and set to fly. A seven-footed rod range often works so well for any type of kayak fishing, including bass fishing.

However, if it’s your first time fishing in that spot, going with a spinning reel will make your work quicker compared to using the baitcasting reel.

Move to Potential Areas

The reason why most people prefer going bass fishing in a kayak is that a kayak gives them the best fishing setups.

With a fishing kayak, you will get a distinct advantage that allows you to move to the right fishing places at any given time. You can move anywhere around the water and, in so doing, get the best bass fishing experience.

As such, hugging, the most strategic fishing places will be very easy. Eventually, you’ll have the best fishing experiences. Here are some of the best aquatic fishing locations that a kayak will give you easy access to.

  • River banks
  • Around and between tree stumps
  • Movements through lily pads
  • Sliding along the reef

If you use this type of advantage that the kayak presents, then you can easily increase your chances of success when out bass fishing.

Combine this advantage with the knowledge of where the bass sits, and you will never go wrong. Bass is often found around the following areas:

  • Where water depth changes
  • Around a piece of land which pinches the water body
  • Next to objects that are partially submerged
  • Around the edges of most aquatic vegetation

Luckily for you, a kayak can easily access such places. Thanks to its compact design, which allows it to move around easily.

How to Cast From a Kayak

Suppose you have chosen to go kayak bass fishing, then you must learn how to cast properly too. Unlike the other vessels, casting from the kayak is somewhat different. It requires the right technique too. Here are some of the things that you must know.

If it’s your first time casting from the kayak, it’ll feel a little bit out of place. The kayak may wobble around, which might scare you to think that it is going to flip.

Even so, you must master the trick. Remember to remain focused and to relax. Whatsoever the case, you should trust your kayak to hold – that’s what it’s built for anyway.

Usually, any fishing kayak is designed with the initial and secondary technology for stability. The initial stability is the one you get when your kayak sits flat on the water as you keep paddling.

The secondary stability, on the other hand, occurs when your kayak leans. This is what keeps in in place when the kayak wobbles as you cast right from it. It is this secondary stability that you have to go with when it comes to casting your bass from the kayak.

How to Cast from a Kayak

  • Loosen up around your waist to the lower half of the body
  • Allow the boat to roll side to side below the waist
  • Ease up the casts as you get comfortable
  • Allow your lure to land in the water softly
  • Practice how to make standing kayak casts
  • Become a bass casting pro

Making a standing cast is easy when you have a wide kayak. This will help you in increasing your fishing line of sight and give you a better casting distance. Just remember to keep your feet wide apart and then bend your knees to gain stability. And above all, that remains loose below the waist.

Learn How to Paddle

Finally, the one thing that you need to master is how to paddle properly. With proper strokes, you’ll move easily and quickly to your fishing destinations. Correct paddling will also save you from using so much energy.

Here is how you paddle your kayak properly for an awesome kayak bass fishing experience, among other things.

  • Watch where you are going
  • Keep the paddle blade around your toes and in the water
  • Maintain a good paddling distance without any form of straining
  • Let the blade submerged in water before you can pull it back
  • Use the larger muscles to pull the blade out of the water instead of smaller ones
  • Twist your upper body (torso) to move the paddle blade easily
  • Slice your blade out from the water around the hip

Getting your strokes right will depend on choosing the correct paddle too. You must ensure that you have learnt how to choose the right kayak paddle for your needs. It’ll save you time and prevent you from getting exhausted.

Additional Tips

Now, apart from what we have learnt, there are several other tricks that’ll make kayak bass fishing an awesome one. These tips also apply to any other fishing kayaking technique that you might need. They include the following:

  • Focus on casting to steer your kayak
  • Master the one hand paddling technique
  • Learn how to cast with one hand
  • Hug the shoreline to boost your chances of success
  • Never be afraid to anchor your kayak

You can combine these tips with what you already know. They are simple and will help you to get an even better experience when fishing.


Having the best kayak bass fishing experience relies more on the design of your kayak and your knowledge of how to control the kayak. A sit-on-top design is a better option since you won’t be enclosed inside your kayak.

It also means that any water that finds its way in will find its way out. You will have enough storage room, movement space, and anchoring ability.

Even better, if the model comes with a wide and stable hull design such that of a pontoon shape, then it will give beginner anglers a greater experience. Follow the tips that we have provided you for a memorable catch.

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