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Choosing the Best Types of Scooters for Adults

Let me say this; I love scooters. If you don’t, then you are missing out on something big. Because of their easy care and maintenance, scooters have become more popular today.

They are used worldwide and will leave you with an awesome experience. Even so, choosing the right scooter for your use can be challenging since they come in a variety of models. And that’s why I’ve decided to help.

In this post, therefore, I will highlight some of the best types of scooters that you should have. This post will dwell more on the types of scooters for adults and, in doing so, leave you with a much practical approach.

Types of Scooters

Having said that, it is time to show you some of the top types of scooters. It is from this next section that you will narrow down to a scooter type of your choice too. So what types of scooters are there?

Kick Scooter

This is known as the traditional scooter. It has been called the push scooter and, in other parts, referred to as the cruising scooter.

This is a conventional type of scooter that you will initiate motion only when you kick on the ground using one of your feet.

While the other foot is on the main deck, the remaining foot will kick on the ground to create movement.

The scooter comes with a telescoping handle that you can then use to control it as it moves. This type of scooter is generally considered one of the best.

Thanks to its ease of use which makes it easier to cruise if compared to others. These types of scooters are best for smooth terrains, parks, and pavements. They aren’t suitable for stunts or tricks too.

Foldable Scooter

Foldable scooters are synonymous with their name. Like their name, these scooters will fold up for quick storage, easy movement, and sleek designs.

This is the type of scooter that’s designed with simple foldable joints, which makes it a perfect choice if you need a scooter that requires less space for storage.

It will fit perfectly into the smallest spaces. However, the joints are delicate and flexible. As such, it is advisable that if you intend to buy this, then you don’t use it for stunts or tricks.

Electric Scooter

There are several types of electric scooters. Even so, for the sake of this post, I will only tell you what an electric scooter is.

This is a scooter model that allows you to move from point A to point B without using so much energy.

The model is equally less stressful and enables you to travel over longer distances easily. Thanks to its electric design that uses a motor to produce enough power for movement.

This type of scooter is a better alternative to the battery-powered transport modes and will leave you with a portable and fun machine.

At its best performances, an electric scooter is able to accelerate to a speed of up to 25km/h. That’s why these types of scooters are best for adventures.

If you are going to use an electric scooter, make sure that you’ve got the right protective gear on, including a helmet, knee, and elbow pads.

Three-Wheel Scooters

The other type of scooter for adults that you can go with is the three-wheeled scooter. These types of scooters are designed with three wheels.

They are perfect for kids and will enable them to learn how to ride quickly. These types of scooters are equally good for use along the park or the pavement.

Thanks to its high-end stability, it is considered one of the safest scooter models that you can find today.

Even so, it is important to note that the scissor scooter and the Flickr sometimes cone with three wheels too.

Flicker Scooter

This is again called the scissor scooter or the caster scooter. It is propelled uniquely as you are required to place your ‘weaker’ foot on the scooter’s footplate while using the remaining leg to generate more force by moving it to and fro along the deck.

The movement of the stronger foot causes a wiggle to your body that’s fun to feel and again to watch.

For the kid, using the caster scooter becomes more fun as the kid can use either of their feet when they want to generate the push. This is similar to what’s done on conventional scooters.

Big-Wheel Scooter

Finally, we have the “Big Wheel Scooter” for you. The term ‘big wheel’ is used to define the general appearance of the scooter when viewed from outside.

You will find that this type of scooter has gig wheels that are equally conscious. The wheels measure about 200mm and could easily go past that too.

Big wheels scooters include scooters whose wheels are bigger than 120mm. So why does this scooter use bigger wheels?

One of the benefits of having a scooter that has larger wheels is its ability. As such, this type of scooter can travel fast and cover more ground in a very short time.

If compared to the other scooters, you will realize that this type of scooter needs less effort when you are riding.

Thanks to this simple trick, that the larger the scooter’s wheel, the faster your ride will be. It is this single feature that this scooter derives its name from and the same one that makes the scooter a perfect choice for riders that love to cover a longer distance.

One thing that you’ve got to keep in mind, though, is that this type of scooter is often heavier than most of these other models.


But why must you just buy a scooter? There are several reasons that you can consider. Well, let’s look at that right away before we conclude with this post.

Benefits of Using Scooters

It is not anything surprising to see that many people today are choosing scooters over traditional motorcycles. Why do I say this? It is because the scooters have better benefits than such machines. Take a look at the benefits of a scooter.

Lesser Fuel Consumption

The fuel efficiency of the scooter is far much better than that of a traditional motorcycle. This is because scooter engines have been modified to suit the current market and again to minimize the consumption of fuel.

This follows that with minimal fuel consumption, you will still get more or less the same efficiency as a motorbike, only that this comes at an affordable cost.

High-end Affordability

Unlike the regular motorbikes that will cost you every penny that you’ve got, scooters are highly affordable. They will never force you to break the bank, and ultimately you will spend less to get a model of your choice.

This is far much better since the cost of living is high while the need to meet deadlines and remain productive is here to stay.

These models again come with cheaper bike components which make scooters everyone’s choice for daily commuting.

Easy User Operation

More importantly, scooters come with a simpler mode of operation. They are easy to follow through and are more ideal for new learners.

The scooters are equally easy to control. What this means is this a scooter only incorporates the basic controls that a motorbike has and nothing more.

Cuter Mechanical Design

Apart from an easy mode of operation, most scooters have cuter mechanical designs. That’s why they are sleek and come in manageable designs.

You will find scooters easy to climb on, safer to ride, and more comfortable to sit on. And that’s why anyone that’s looking for comfort should go with a scooter.

Nonetheless, not all scooters are designed with a seat. There are some that you can ride while standing, such as the electric scooter models. These types of scooters are, however, easy to store and work well for tighter spaces.


We have seen the best types of scooters that one should buy. We have again seen the benefits of these types of scooters for adults. As it stands, the ball is with you.

Depending on your needs, you can opt to choose the best types of electric scooters that will address them. You can also go with the general scooter models too.

Even so, the most important thing is to ensure that your scooter is working properly at all times. If you find it hard to choose from these types of scooters, then you can always ask a pal to help you.

Once you have your scooter, you must remember to take proper care of it. Some of the best care tips that you can opt for include proper storage, use of the scooter manual, and proper cleaning, among others.

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