Top 6 Kayak Brands for the 2021 Kayaker

I have been kayaking for the last 15 years. During these years, I have learnt several things to look at when buying a kayak of your choice, including how to determine a kayak that’s suitable for your needs.

Even so, the most important thing that I have realized is why you need a branded kayak for your use. Yes, there are several kayak brands that you can buy from. However, there are kayaks that aren’t branded at all.

So why do you need a branded kayak in the first place? Well, going with a kayak that’s branded comes with many benefits. But before I talk about them, I will give you a few things that you need to know about kayaks.

Types of Kayaks

The first thing that I will talk about before I get down to branded kayaks is the types of kayaks that we have. It is important to understand these kayaks types since it is these brands that manufacture them. Here is what we have.

  • River/ Recreational kayaks
  • Fishing kayaks
  • Ocean/ Touring kayaks
  • Sit-in kayaks
  • Sit-on-top kayaks
  • Inflatable kayaks
  • Hard-shell/ rigid kayaks

Fishing kayaks are designed for anglers that want you to use a kayak for fishing. The ocean kayaks are for harsh rides against very heavy waves. They are narrower and will cut through the waves easily.

The river kayaks, on the other hand, are best for recreational purposes. Their bases are wider and allow you to stop over water for a glimpse from time to time. As the name suggests, sit-in kayaks have their hull in the kayaks, which is unlike the sit-on-top kayaks too.

For the hard-shell kayaks, these are models that come with hardcover say wood. They are the opposite of the inflatable kayaks that are designed to be used with pressure. Unlike hard-shell kayaks, inflatable kayaks can be deflated during storage.

Why Branded Kayaks

With that said, let us now look at why you need to buy the best kayak brands for your needs. Well, the reasons are direct, and you will find them to be very convincing too. I have included them in this section.

Points at a Reputable Company

Any company that’s making a quality product will want to be identified with their product. One way of doing that is to ensure that they have branded their product using the logo. A logo is powerful, and it’s a name that carries the product from one place to the next.

As such, when you purchase your kayaks from a branded company, then you will be buying from an established company with a trustable background and reputation. This again translates into quality and technology.

Quality Designed Products

With a good reputation comes quality products. Thanks to these leading manufacturers who will invest time and money into designing the best products for the market place.

In so doing, they will research and design products that are best for use in the right areas. These products are tested extensively and determined to be best for use around different kayaking environments.

The result of such a build is comfort and safety, which is very important when it comes to the building of the best kayaks today.

Verifiable Material Use

Apart from quality design and reputable history, a branded kayaks must pass through the test of quality. They must have the mark of quality to show that they have been tested and found to be the best for safe human use.

As such, the type of materials used and the implemented fabrication methods that have been employed must be declared. In turn, these materials are tested and determined to meet the set standards.

Using a kayak that has a mark of quality is awesome. It boosts your confidence and allows you to enjoy your latest kayaking experience to the fullest.

Firsthand Warranties

Again, a reputable manufacturer will provide its users with firsthand warranties. The reason for this is simple. Since they have designed quality products that will last longer, they too believe in their products.

They will give you warranties to show their belief in their product and to cushion when it didn’t go right. As such, they are always quick at providing the best products and protecting their reputation.

Warranties are important if you are a newbie. It is a way of creating higher trust and a pointer on how you should spend your money wisely.

Top 6 Kayak Brands that You Should Know

Now that you have seen the benefits of buying from a branded kayak, let me take you through some of the best kayak brands that you can buy from. These kayak brands that I will give you are the best models that have been hailed in the recent past.

Wilderness Systems

I will start with Wilderness Systems because I love to kayak in rivers that pass through the thickest bushes and small level forests.

So as the name suggests, Wilderness Systems kayaks are designed to handle the harsh kayaking surroundings. This is a kayak manufacturing company that’s based in the South-Carolina.

The company started in 1986 and has since been manufacturing some of the best kayaks for every type of outdoor fan that loves to kayak.

Wilderness Systems kayaks are up to the task. They are very stable and, at the same time, super light in weight. They give some of the best-rugged designs that are safe enough to handle the rides around the wilderness.

Today, Wilderness Systems are known for some of the most innovative kayak designs that are fine-tuned to provide the ultimate user experience, performance, and premium quality.

No wonder wilderness Systems has set one of the most reputable standards in the kayaking market today.

Perception Kayaks

Another top brand is Perception Kayak brands. Like the brand above, this one has been around for far too long – I guess it’s because of its top-rated quality designs.

Even so, this brand has been around for over 40 years. As such, Perception Kayaks is responsible for the coming of several people into kayaking compared to any other brand that I may list here today.

With a kayak brand such as Perception Brand, you will have a kayak that’s pretty much known by everyone who is in the kayaking community.

From local rivers, fishing, lakes to oceans, Perception Kayaks is a brand that is worth working within any day.

Today, this kayak brand is one of the most renowned brands and one which is the best of the best in this game.

In 1977, Perception Kayaks manufactured the very first remote-controlled kayaks model. It has placed itself in front of the pack as the most innovative brand of recent years.

Intex Recreation Corp.

Believe it or not, this company is known as a major distributor of the most affordable inflatable products today. And what’s so insane about this? The company started with just a beach ball! Yes. You heard that right.

Today, on the opposite end of the best hard-shell kayaks sits the most affordable inflatable kayaks. Thanks to Intex Recreation Corp.

Right now, newbies don’t have to spend so much on kayaks or even worry about storage spaces. The brand provides inflatable kayaks that you can easily deflate when you want to store them too.

With this type of reputation, many people would take today’s class Intex as the King when it comes to getting the most budget-friendly inflatable kayak designs. Well, we have Sevylor giving the same too, but that’s a call for you to make.

Intex Recreation Corp. is based in the USA and has branches in over 50 countries today. The company trades around the world and has been around for close to half a century (50 years).

With a strong focus on design, quality, pricing, value, and style, this company is one of the most prominent kayak making companies that you will find today.

The one thing that I love Intex for is its commitment to the reduction of high-end carbon footprint. Today it’s known to strive for environment-friendly manufacturing methods that are more sustainable.


Sevylor, like Intex, didn’t start out as a kayak manufacturing company. Nonetheless, they have managed to work their way into becoming one of the most reputable brands in this century.

However, Sevylor comes through as a model with the most unusual beginning. This France-based company was founded in 1948 as a manufacturer of top electrical appliances and accessories.

As the years rolled through, Sevylor came across a PVC-handling process, which changed their game or good. It is this encounter that led them into designing their first-ever inflatable product, which has since seen them building their current products.

Over the last 70 years, Sevylor has since grown into one of the top-rated manufacturers for the most affordable inflatable kayaks. It has again designed inflatable boats and, among several other things, pool floats.

So finding a kayak, canoe, standup paddleboard, recreational and fishing boat, pool toy, and air bed that’s made from an inflatable PVC, believe me, Sevylor hand could easily be in it.

Sevylor believes in quality. As such, it ensures that all its products are certified by the National Marine Manufacturers Association.

Ocean Kayak

The Ocean Kayak brand is now a part of the larger Johnson Outdoors Family. This brand is, however, one of the best brands for people who love quality and cool designs.

The brand whose journey began in 1971 started its first product as a surfboard that was carved from Malibu is today one of the most celebrated kayaking brands in the world.

Ocean Kayak today manufactures the largest haul of the top-rated sit-on-top kayaks. In the mid-80s, this brand moved on to Washington and began producing kayaks on a large scale.

Finally, it settled for roto-molding, and the Scupper Classic became its first kayak with a Sit-On-Top model.

Today Ocean kayak distributes some of the best kayaks and kayaking accessories, including stand-up paddleboards, fishing boats, and several other water-sports accessories.

Ocean Kayak has taken paddling sports to a whole new level with its powerful and innovative features. It is a brand that’ll give you the best value-for-money on anytype of recreational kayak that you buy from them.

If you love the Sit-On-Top kayak models, then you must have used an Ocean Kayak somewhere along the line.

Bonus: Lifetime

Lifetime is not known for paddling-oriented kayaks. However, it is a name that kayaks are associated with.

This Utah-based company is a multi-sport brand that was founded in 1986. Lifetime was the first company to invent the complete one-box basketball system. It again designed the folding picnic table that had a blow-molded top.

Eventually, this company expanded and started making vessels. It has since become one of the top brands and has produced affordable but durable products.

Today, Lifetime’s comes with an entry-level sit-inside and sit-on-top design for its kayaks and paddleboards.

It has youth kayaks that are built from the blow-molded but high-density polyethylene too. The model is lightweight, durable, and suitable for beginners who are looking for different kayaking styles.

Additional Tip:

There are several other kayak brands that you can choose from, such as Sundolphin, Sea Eagle Kayaks, Pelican Sport, and Old Town Canoes and Kayaks.

However, if you’ve got to choose from those brands that have been around the longest, these companies that I have given you are the best. They are experienced, trustable, and, more importantly, service-oriented.

Kayak Brands: Factors to Consider When Choosing Via Brand

So how do you make an informed choice? Here are the factors to consider when choosing kayaks through their brands. These factors will give you the best pointers and leave you with the top-rated models.

Length of Operation

The first thing that you need to look at is the length of time that the company has been in operation. We have seen companies that have been around for over 50 years. This is a good timeline.

It shows that the company has offered the best products to the market, which helps it to remain afloat. Well, these companies may not have been in the kayaking business.

However, looking at their operating timeline, one this is clear, they have given quality for every product that they have produced. This is very important, especially if you are a newbie that’s looking for s perfect landing.

Kayaking Features

Another very salient thing that you should make is in line with the kayaking features. While these features may be similar from one kayak to the next, there are several tweaks that will make one model better than the next.

Make sure that you have a brand that gives the very best when it comes to the crucial kayaking features. As such, you must take your time to compare every brand in line with what they offer.

User Feedbacks/ Reviews

More importantly, focus on what the past users say is very important. Take your time to read through what other users had to use. Remember that these users came before you and will give you great pointers on what to expect, including the type of experience that you can expect.

To get the best out of user reviews and feedback, make sure that you ask yourself the following questions.

  • What type of experience did the past users have?
  • How fast were the services provided by the company?
  • What surety did the company give its buyers?
  • Does the company have a customer care desk for its buyers?
  • Does the company address the concerns of its buyers?

A company that cares about the buyers will make communication a very important part of their operations. They will keep their buyers engaged and ensure that they address their concerns in time.

Types of Available Offers

Finally, you should take your time to check out the offers, which are available for you. Do you have warranties, after-sale services, or accessories? These are very important add-ons when you are looking for a kayak brand that will work for you.

The best thing about these offers is this. They keep you cushioned at any case there is a defect in manufacture. They will help you to cut costs and, more importantly, provides you with the most genuine parts.


There are several kayak brands, that’s for sure. Even so, the most important thing is to ensure that you have a brand that suits your needs. This post that I have given you today will help you to do just that.

You will find the top brands in the market today, understand the factors to look at when going by brands, and, more importantly, find out why looking at a brand is very important.

Combined with the types of kayaks that I listed above, you will find this whole process easy and fast. Take your time to pick the pointers from our post before choosing your kayak through the brand.

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